Dev teams are drowning in information. We're the lifeboat.

maestro is a better way for teams to stay in sync

Synthesize knowledge across the apps where you already work.
Generate all you need to know on the fly with AI.

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Our MIssion

Killing info overload

It begins with re-imagining how teams create, share, and retrieve information. Too much brainpower is wasted on work that LLMs can do better. We're changing that.

We believe you should never have to write another wiki doc that instantly goes stale or answer the same questions over and over again in Slack.

We're starting with dev teams. Imagine a world where tickets stay up to date, documentation writes itself, and questions are auto-answered by AI.

This is our mission. We hope you'll join us.


Slack ➡️ Notion

Our first release turns ephemeral Slack chatter into
essential Notion documentation in an instant.

Summarize your

Turn chaos of Slack into easy to skim Notion pages that summarize everything important that happens.

Capture important

Maestro makes sure nothing slips through the cracks by flagging the follow-ups you might have missed.

AI-generated Documentation

Everyone hates writing documentation. Maestro turns your Slack chats into Notion engineering docs.