See the Big Picture in Jira
‍with Maestro AI

You're too busy to comb through Jira tickets.
Let Maestro do it for you.

You're a busy engineering leader. You need track your team's progress, but you don't have time to follow every ticket update.

What do you do?

With Maestro, you can be in the know without the effort. Get daily executive briefings of what's going on in Jira, custom-generated for you using the latest advancements Large Language Models.

It only takes a minute to set up and can save you hours a week.

Here's how to get started.

1.  Create your Maestro Account.

Sign up here. Try for free. No commitments.

2.  Link your Jira Account.

From your Maestro homepage, click on Activity, then click on the  gear icon to open the Settings sidebar. Add Slack as a data source.

3. Create a Jira Report.

Maestro keeps track of every update in Jira. Reports are regularly-scheduled briefings that summarizing what's new. You can even customize your report by listing specific topics keywords of topics that you want Maestro to focus on. You'll get a notification sent to your email or Slack DM when your report is ready.