Creating Jira Tickets from Slack
with Maestro AI

You're too busy to file tickets.
Let Maestro do it for you.

Creating Jira tickets is a pain, especially when you have a lively Slack chat full of issues that need tracking.

Now, Maestro AI can automatically Jira create tickets from Slack for you. Using the latest Large-Language Models, Maestro synthesizes issue titles and descriptions from your conversations that you can send to Jira with a single click.

It takes a minute to set up and can save you hours per week.
Here's how to get started.

1.  Create your Maestro Account.

Sign up here. Try for free. No commitments.

2.  Link your Slack Account.

From your Maestro homepage, click on Activity, then click on the  gear icon to open the Settings sidebar. Add Slack as a data source.

3. Create a Slack Report.

Select some Slack channels where new Jira issues pop up. We'll send you regular reports summarizing what's going on, along with any possible issues that need to be tracked.

4.  Link your Jira Account.

Add Jira as a data source.

For now, you can skip creating a Jira report if you're just interested in AI ticket creation. If you want to get summaries of what your team does in Jira, learn more here.

5.  Use Maestro Slack commands to create Jira Tickets.

Now you can use Maestro commands in Slack. Head over to Slack and jump into a channel when you want to file a ticket.

Use the /maestro followup Slack command to detect  followups from the conversation.

Maestro generates a list of followups that need additional action from your team. You can click on the "Generate Issue" to turn any followup into a ticket.

Maestro generates an issue title and description using AI that you can edit before sending to the Jira board of your choosing.