Dev teams are drowning in information. We're the lifeboat.

We're on a mission to kill info overload

Synthesize knowledge from the apps where you already work.
Generate all you need to know on the fly with AI.

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Our MIssion

Taking the busy work out of knowledge work

Too much brainpower is wasted on work that LLMs can do better. We're changing that.

It starts with re-imagining how teams create, share, and recall information.

We're starting with dev teams. Making sure everyone has the knowledge they need is essential, but it's also tedious and distracting busy work.

We believe you should never have to write another wiki doc that will instantly go stale and never be read or (....)

Tickets should keep themselves up to date. Documentation should write itself. Meetings and Slack thread should come with summaries. Incident reports should self-compile.

Slack ➡️ Notion Automations

We're still early on our journey, but we're relased the first step of our mission. The first product we've built

Summarize your

Maestro connects info from your chats, tickets, and docs to give you a digest of things that matter.

Capture important

Maestro makes sure nothing slips through the cracks by flagging the follow-ups you might have missed.

Cut through the

Wading through the notification nightmare on your own is exhausting. Maestro brings calm to the cacophony.

How It Works

Unlocking the knowledge in conversations

Whether they're in Slack, Zoom, or in Jira comments, work conversations are densely packed with information. For the first time, AI is capable enough to put that information to work for you. Maestro saves you time by surfacing the information that matters to help you make sense of it all.