You're drowning in information. We're the lifeboat.

The knowledge copilot
for dev teams


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Summarize Noisy
Slack Channels

Transform the chaos of Slack into easy-to-skim summaries of everything important.

Capture Important

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Generate tickets from conversations with ease.

Create Docs from Slack Chats

Turns your Slack chats into engineering docs that you can send to Notion with a click.

Our MIssion

Dev teams spend more time on knowledge management than coding. We're fixing that.

It begins with re-imagining how teams create, share, and retrieve information. Too much brainpower is wasted on work that LLMs can do better.

Imagine a world where you always know what's going on, JIRA tickets stay up to date, documentation writes itself, and questions are auto-answered by AI.

This is our mission. We hope you'll join us.