November 20, 2023
Maestro Release Notes #4 🎶

Height Integration + Enhanced Jira Reports

This week, we've got some major product updates to share: a new integration with Height, plus major enhancements to our Jira and Slack reporting, and simplified notifications. These improvements are all about making your day-to-day tasks easier and more streamlined. We hope these changes will make a real difference in how you work. Let's take a look at what's new!

Height Integration + Enhanced Jira Reports

🔌 Height Integration: Height is an elegantly designed, simple, all-in-one project management app for teams. Bundling conversations with task management is powerful, but it has its downsides. For one, it may be hard for teams to get the big picture when updates are spread across the many tasks that are active at any given time. Now with Maestro, you can get a daily executive briefing of everything going on across your Height task lists.

📝 Multi-channel Slack Reports: We've made a huge upgrade to our Slack reports. Instead of individual, channel-by-channel summaries in Slack, now you can bundle multiple Slack channels into one digest, so you can get a better picture of activity that spans multiple channels with much less noise. It's a simple, but powerful improvement.

🚨 Better Notifications: We've improved and unified our Slack DM notifications. Now, whether you're running a Jira, Height, or Slack report, we'll send you a helpful, scannable summary of the report in a Slack DM, with a link to drill into more information in Maestro.

⏰ Scheduled Jira Reports: We've added Jira to our report scheduling platform. Now you can go to Maestro to schedule summaries of everything your team got done in Jira in the last day. Effortlessly keep up with your team's progress with a comprehensive overview of daily achievements and upcoming tasks without the hassle of frequent manual updates.